The cheesiest tongue-in-cheek campaign around.

Wyke Farms is one of the largest independent cheese makers in the whole of theĀ  UK. With Cheddar cheese originating in Somerset, Wyke Farms wanted to do a campaign that proudly represented their Somerset roots. The aim was to firmly cement the brand’s relationship with the county, showing the importance of their family heritage.


Social media campaign, social media content, script writing and voice over.


As an avid cheese lover (everything is better with cheese, right?) this campaign was great fun. What is one of the things that provokes the most reaction on social media? Unpopular opinions: everyone wants to have a say! This comical campaign centered around a video that compared Somerset to its rivaling counties: Devon and Cornwall.

People were outraged by the accompanying copy that read ‘5 reasons why Devon and Cornwall are so much better than Somerset’. In the video, there was criticism of Somerset as it showed stunning images of what it claimed were Devon or Cornwall, but they were all infact Somerset. Wyke Farms were part of this feature with their award-winning cheese featuring pride of place in the produce section.

As soon as people understood, it was shared to try and fool their followers too. This campaign received great reception across the county.

Project carried out at The Bard Collective, Copyright